About Club Curvaceous

~~Club Curvaceous is taking the Plus Size Community in Jacksonville by Storm. Supporters of the fat acceptance movement work to fight size discrimination. Showing a kind of beauty does not define you by the size of your waist. Club Curvaceous is working towards building a environment where no matter what your size is that you are accepted. We want to have a place where men and women come  ~~~~together working on showing how being plus size can be a positive enforcement and not negative.

Club Curvaceous has been hosting monthly events for the past 6 years in Jacksonville helping create strong lasting friendships, and relationships. Even marriages have blossomed because of what we are doing.  Our Events have been a gathering place for singles and couples to come together in a fun environment where they are not being judged by their size. Women can be comfortable knowing that the men that are attending are their because they appreciate a beautiful curvy plus size woman. We have gone through many changes over the years and we still strive to make it even better. We are constantly growing and achieving new heights in the Plus Size Community. We look forward to expanding and having events on a bi-weekly and weekly basis in the near future. With growing support this will be happening very soon.

Team Curvaceous